"Steel Cops" update unleashes giant mechs in Zombies Monsters Robots

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fear online logoThat one was missing: While you could shoot at tons of moving things in various game modes, the action shooter Zombies Monsters Robots adds heavy stuff and unleashes three classes of devastating mechs plus 9 new maps, coming with the recent update "Steel Corps".

Players can now pilot mechanical powersuits equipped with heaviest weapons on the battlefield in Team Mech Match modes. There will be three classes available, Light, Medium and Heavy classes which include two base models and two Limited Edition variants. The mechs come with distinctive class-related abilities and weaponry. 

The nine new maps are designed for mech action fun in both PvE and PvP game modes, so there is a lot to be explored. 

Check it out and play ZMR for free at the official site!

Zombies Monsters Robots - Steel Corps Trailer


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