Hazard Ops unleashes the War of the Machines

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fear online logoThe latest update for action Third Person Shooter Hazard Ops adds the War of the Machines features. PvP veterans can unleash now the power of massive Mechs.

Players will be able to hop into massive Mech suits to take part in team-based combat. The Mechs are equipped with its own set of weapons and a jet-pack propulsion system that allows for tactical evasive maneuvers. In addition players can take advantage of many customization options for their Mech to upgrade it to an even more powerful system.

Hazard Ops is Infernum Productions' latest addition to their game portfolio and an action-packed TPS which is heavily focused on cooperative gameplay, as players will face hordes of all sorts of enemies including zombies, robots, mutants, evil bosses and more deadly creatures. 

In addition to the hardcore PvE game modes, you will test your skills in up-to-16-player PvP matches or have fun in countless missions. 

Check out the Open Beta at the official site.

Hazard Ops - War of the Machines Trailer




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