Zombies Monsters Robots 'Mummy See Mummy Doom' update adds tons of new stuff to shoot at

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fear online logoWith 'Mummy See Mummy Doom'  the f2p shooter Zombies Monsters Robots has received a major update, through players have to deal with tons of undead, teeming in whole cities in China and Egypt which have transformed into nightmarish versions of ancient worlds.

This big update includes also six new maps, new guns and gear and the Blood Diamonds, a new competitive, fun mode where players race to kill and collect diamonds from opponents. 

In ZMR, players will battle monstrous enemies and bosses across a wide range of co-op campaigns and wave-based survival missions as well as fight other players in fierce head to head shootouts. With an arsenal of customizable guns and gear, players need to make every shot count as they enter a war against infectious zombies, abominable monsters, and murderous robots that will stop at nothing to see the end of mankind. This is the world of ZMR.

Join the Open Beta at the official site and play ZMR for free!

Zombies Monsters Robots - Muumy See Mummy Doom Trailer



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