Open Beta for action shooter Hazard Ops is set to begin July 16

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fear online logoInfernum Productions successfully concluded Closed Beta testing for their free-to-play Third Person Shooter  Hazard Ops and announced that the Open Beta with new content will start on July 16th. 

Mercenaries in Hazard Ops can check out new content to be introduced with the Open Beta build: Skull Island and the new "King of the Hill" game mode will be added. 

The Closed Beta ends on July 8th and all characters that had been created so far, will be wiped off, but the accounts and credits remain. Infernum uses the time until OBT to deploy brand new servers. However players who took part in the CBT will receive a First Blood Pack as an exclusive reward to veterans and of course, founders will receive the gear associated to their pack. 

Hazard Ops is Infernum Productions' latest addition to their game portfolio and an action-packed TPS which is heavily focused on cooperative gameplay, as players will face hordes of all sorts of enemies including zombies, robots, mutants, evil bosses and more deadly creatures.  

Check it out for free from July 16th onwards at the official site.


Hazard Ops - Closed Beta Trailer




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