Global Operations adds the biggest maps for tank shooter Armored Warfare

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armored warfare logoThe latest update for ree-to-play tank shooter Armored Warfare comes with the Global Operation mode, which will change the theatre of war by adding the biggest maps to date. These maps are fully interactive and got plenty of tactical elements.

The Global Operations mode allows users to take advantage of surveillance drones, stealth bombers and static anti-tank turrets. The mode will also kick off "Balance 2.0", which addresses gameplay balancing. The first of the new maps features a 15-vs-15 PvP mode and is being introduced as "Desert Crossing" where two teams fight over a massive dry dock with an aircraft carrier. A team wins, if they managed to destroy the enemy or AI controlled vehicles and reduce the enemy's point score to zero.

Watch the video and find more info about Armored Warfare at the official page.


Armored Warfare - Global Operation Teaser Trailer



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