Panzerfest, free tanks, giveaways and content updates - tank shooter Armored Warfare gains momentum

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armored warfare logoPanzerfest, a giveaway event, and quite a lot of recent content updates keep aspring tank commanders busy in free-to-play tactical shooter Armored Warfare. Especially new players can enjoy a lot of free stuff during Panzerfest.

While new players will receive a free Leopard 1 tank and premium time as a welcome package upon registration, and existing players can earn 1 million credits, premium time and the Leopard 2AV ICE edition. From April 6 - 13, aside from enjoying the Happy Hours event, players need to be quite involved and win certain amounts of PvE or PvE battles to be elligible for the rewards.

With the most recent updates in the past days, players can now command a Turkish Main Battle Tank for the first time, the Altay Tank. 

Head over for free tank shooting action to the official site.

Armored Warfare is a free-to-play MMO combat game in which players take on the role of private military contractors, building up both a fleet of modern tanks, other armored vehicles and their own base. Players pit against each other in intense, team-based PvE scenarios or strategy-driven PvP game modes. They can join clans and participate in challenging Territory Wars and future in-game events. Armored Warfare features extensive vehicle and base customization options, through which they can upgrade their arsenal of vehicles and weapons.

Armored Warfare - Panzerfest Trailer



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