New PvP, PvE content and replay system will come with next update for Armored Warfare

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armored warfare logoA major update for free-to-play tank shooter Armored Warfare is due later this month. Update 0.14 will allow players to replay, review and relive their past matches. Nothing less than three new PvE missions and one new PvP map are in the pipeline too.   

Players will be able to analyze their skills and replay recordings of their matches. The Replay System allows to play and stop the recording and to watch the match in free-cam observer mode.

Operations Frostbite, Albatros, and Cerberus will pose new threats for players teaming up in Armored Warfare’s co-operative gameplay mode. Next to the three PvE missions, the huge Highwall map will be the terrain for challenging PvP battles, offering multiple pathways with various strategic opportunities.

A number of gameplay issues will be also addressed. Publisher demonstrates the Replay System in the video below. 

Find all details about the upcoming update at the official site.

Armored Warfare - Replay Trailer


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