Visual Camouflage System now available for tactical tank shooter Armored Warfare

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armored warfare logoThe community of free-to-play tactical tank shooter Armored Warfare can check out the long awaited camouflage system and play with more customization options. Each vehicle can have three camouflage or paint configurations for different environment types. 

Camouflage options can be obtained in the garage for either gold or in-game credits, while paints can be unlocked through completing achievements.  Once a paint color has been unlocked, it can be applied to any owned vehicle. Applying a camouflage pattern will add it on top of the newly chosen paint color. Camouflage adds a buff to the vehicle's camouflage rating, which will help in hiding from enemies and attacking from concealment.

Armored Warfare - Camouflage Trailer


Check out all details at the official page.


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