MMO tactical military game Armored Warfare to enter Closed Beta in Q1 2015

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armored warfare, the publishing arm of Russian internet giant Mail.Ru, announced the release periods for their three flagships  Armored Warfare, World of Speed and Skyforge.The Closed Beta for Armored Warfare will begin sometimes in Q1 2015.

The MMO tank combat game Armored Warfare will feature stunning visuals, destructible environments, massive customization options for the vehicles and intense tactical gameplay.

Players can upgrade their own headquarters and manage their military convoy of vehicles. They engage in team-based PvP battles or band with others to overcome challenging PvE scenarios.

Developer Obsidian Entertainment showcases the latest development at Gamescom, where there also will be the first hands on preview for press to play through an all new PvE mission on a new map with new tanks. Check out also the latest trailer below.

The game will be free-to-play and launch as Closed Beta in Q1 2015. Signups for the beta are live at at the official site.

Armored Warfare - Urban Warfare Trailer




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