War Thunder: World of Planes Closed Beta Test Has Begun

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Gaijin Entertainment, developer and publisher of War Thunder, is pleased to announce the start of the closed beta test for their upcoming combat MMO game. A new Beta trailer has been released too.

The multi-staged beta test will allow tens of thousands of players to become better acquainted with the War Thunder universe, giving fans of the project a chance to contribute to the game’s development. Closed beta test servers will be open 24 hours a day, meaning that players who have been invited can join the game at any time. To start, participants will have access to more than 100 aircraft models and several different locations, with new content added continuously throughout the test period.

Finally, Gaijin has shared their plans to include Royal Air Force combat aircraft in War Thunder: World of Planes. Therefore, the official website’s "Release Tree" section now features a corresponding table with the British aircraft models that will be included in the game by the time it’s released.

For more information and how to participate in the beta, visit the official site.

Just a pure coincidence, but both news reached us the same day: we have also posted news on the upcoming launch of World of Warplanes, developed by Both World of Warplanes and War Thunder: World of Planes are flight combat action MMO, but different titles. So don't be confused.
Which one is better? You decide...


War Thunder - Beta Launch Trailer

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