More realism and content come with "Big Guns" update in War Thunder

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war thunder logoThe free-to-play MMO combat game  War Thunder receives update 1.47, titled "Big Guns", and Gaijin Entertainment promises that battles have become even more realistic. It also adds new improvements and more WW2-themed content, including armored vehicles and air fighters.

With "Big Guns" players can now take control over the B29 bomber Superfortress, the super-heavy tank Pz.Kpfw.VIII Maus or the Soviet tank Il-2 Sturmovik, along with 14 new planes and tanks in total. 

Gameplay have become more realistic, the movement of armored vehicles adapt to the different terrains, as tanks will now move faster on roads, but slow down and drift on mud or soil. Ground has become a tactical issue in War Thunder, as tank commanders should choose their route wisely.

There are also a lot new ways of how to obtain useful in-game items, such as daily login bonusses, special gifts and awards after winning battles. This and more details about some slight graphical improvements can be found at the official patchnotes.

Head over to the official site to get playing War Thunder for free.


War Thunder - Big Guns Update Trailer


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