Latest update for War Thunder adds full-scale Tank Wars: Ground Forces Expansion

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war thunder logoThe update 1.41 for free-to-play MMO combat game  War Thunder unleashes tank wars: Now everyone can join the battle from either air or land with the Ground Forces Expansion.

Ground Forces Expansion alloes players to create their military force made up of aircraft and now with Soviet and German tanks. Players can choose between dozens of light, medium and heavy tanks, self-propelled artillery and anti-air guns and decide the fate of their team in Combined Arms battles: player-controlled ground vehicles are fighting alongside player-controlled planes (and AI-allies in some cases). Combined Arms will be enabled later once enough players reach high levels with their ground forces, but anyone can try this mode in Custom Battles already.

War Thunder is available on PC and PS4 in Europe, Gaijin Entertainment will support Mac OS, Oculus Rift and PS4 in the US in the next future.

Head over to the official site for further info.


War Thunder - Ground Forces Launch Trailer





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