Latest patch allows creation of your own aircraft in War Thunder

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war thunder logoThe most recent patch, update 1.39, for the free-to-play MMO combat game War Thunder has been released. This update is a milestone for Gaijin Entertainment as it includes the support for user generated content, squadron battles and more.

Players can now create their own content with the War Thunder CDK (Content Development Kit). They can create their own aircraft, modifying tiny details and customize it to their preferences. The CDK also ensures that your newly created plane fits within the game parameters. But even creation of user generated missions is now possible.

The update also includes Squadron battles, new PvP modes, additional 18 new aircrafts, the new mission Battle of Kursk and further improvements, so there is pretty much to explore.

As per today Gaijin offers a War Thunder Mac client!

Head over to the official site for further info.


War Thunder - Update 1.39




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