Peta City Enters 2nd Closed Beta: Another Day, aka Repulse, Revived?

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Peta CityKorean developer Mvert announced the second closed beta test for free-to-play sci-fi FPS Peta City. Although unconfirmed, the online shooter has a strong resemblance to Another Day, also known as Repulse or Genesis A.D. It seems that Mvert acquired the assets of Another Day, which had been operated by KT Hitel. We might be wrong? You decide...

The second closed beta test for Peta City is slated for May 4, 2013 and is accessible for Korean gamers only. Peta City is set in a near-future scenario and offers a "Speed Mode" and an "Invasion Mode", the latter probably with zombie-like creatures. Mvert put up a teaser site which does not reveal further details, but looking at the gameplay trailer below, the resemblance to Another Day, aka Repulse, is evident. Another Day was terminated in 2012.

Will that FPS be published outside Korea? I don't think so, considering the fact that Another Day already had been in service once, for a short period Aeria Games had been operating Repulse for America and Europe.


Peta City - Official Gameplay

peta city_cap01

peta city_cap02

peta city_cap03

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