Russian version of Peta City, aka Genesis AD, Repulse, launched on Steam

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phyrok logoIt seems that this game is not meant to die. Formerly known as Genesis AD and later Repulse, a Russian version operated by publisher NIKITA ONLINE made it to a launch on Steam under the title Run and Fire.

The original title for the f2p sci-fi shooter was Another Day in Korea. It had been launched in the US as Genesis AD and was terminated after a short period. The FPS resurfaced under Repulse and had seen short but happy moments with Aeria Games, who had to make the unfortunate decision to discontinue the game after a couple of months. Sources and assets of the game had been acquired by a Korean studio, who they had been trying to revive it under the title Peta City - with no success, but licensed it to other publishers. Even years after this odyssey Peta City is still active as Phyrok in Spain and Run and Fire in Russia.

If you are interested, head over to the official sites or the Russian Steam page for Run and Fire


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