Repulse is back in Europe: Open Beta for Phyrok has started

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phyrok logoSome of our readers might remember a game called Repulse, an FPS that had been published by Aeria Games. Repulse is back in Europe, MMO publisher Texyon Games has licensed the shooter under the new title Phyrok and has rolled out Open Beta on April 25.

Game sources and assets had been acquired by a company called Mvert, who launched a slightly modified version of Repulse under the title Peta City in Asia. The game is now available for the European market and operated by Spanish MMO publisher Texyon Games, who celebrates the launch of Phyrok with a series of tournaments and events. 

Phyrok is pretty much based on the same engine and game mechanics of Repulse. The sci-fi shooter features the same fast-paced gameplay and special movement abilities, such as the boost jump, wall jump, cloaking and more. For the moment it does not seem like Phyrok has massive new content or features compared to its predecessor, but we will see what the the developer-publisher-team will release in the next future.

Phyrok runs smoothly on low spec PC's, check it out at the official site which is available both in English and in Spanish!


Phyrok - Official Trailer



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