Russian version of Peta City, aka Genesis AD, Repulse, launched on Steam

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phyrok logoIt seems that this game is not meant to die. Formerly known as Genesis AD and later Repulse, a Russian version operated by publisher NIKITA ONLINE made it to a launch on Steam under the title Run and Fire.

Repulse is back in Europe: Open Beta for Phyrok has started

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phyrok logoSome of our readers might remember a game called Repulse, an FPS that had been published by Aeria Games. Repulse is back in Europe, MMO publisher Texyon Games has licensed the shooter under the new title Phyrok and has rolled out Open Beta on April 25.

Peta City Enters 2nd Closed Beta: Another Day, aka Repulse, Revived?

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Peta CityKorean developer Mvert announced the second closed beta test for free-to-play sci-fi FPS Peta City. Although unconfirmed, the online shooter has a strong resemblance to Another Day, also known as Repulse or Genesis A.D. It seems that Mvert acquired the assets of Another Day, which had been operated by KT Hitel. We might be wrong? You decide...