LATEST MMO NEWS League 2015 Grand Finals set to begin in revamped tournament format

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wot logoThe best twelve World of Tanks teams from around the globe will compete in a series of high-octane battles for the title of League 2015 Grand Finals world champion. This major eSports tournament starts in a revamped format and is set to take place in Warsaw, Poland, on April 25-26, 2015.

The best tankers in the world will be selected as follows:

  • Two teams representing Asia and Pacific (APAC, the KR and Asia servers)
  • Two teams representing the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS server)
  • Two teams representing Europe (EU server) Two teams representing North America (NA server)
  • Two teams representing China (CN server)
  • Two teams selected as Wild Cards (WC) – teams selected for their outstanding performance and/or other qualities. League's revamped rules for the tournament had been introduced at regional qualifiers last season: Played in 7-vs-7 battlees, teams have to take a proactive role in order to win, either in attack or defense mode, by either destroying the two base capture zones or all opponent vehicles. There is no chance of a draw.

The Grand Finals will draw a massive audience, as in the first year of League, 200,000 pro gamers participated and 1,000 tournaments had been hosted. 

Find all relevant details about this upcoming event at the official page.

Head over to the official site to find out more about the free-to-play MMO tank combat game World of Tanks. - Team Battle Format





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