Vostok Games releases Survarium update 0.47d, works on PvE game mode

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fear online logoPatch 0.47d for free-to-play FPS Survarium might be a smaller update that basically adds new weapons and equipment, but Vostok Games is really busy working on PvE, giving insights on the development with recording sessions for the NPCs that will be used in the upcoming game mode.

The latest patch includes three packpacks and the Mauser M.712 pistol, but it also marks the beginning of the New Seasonal Leagues which give grants great awards to those who rank best in the season. More details about the update can be found at the official blog.

While it is not clear when the PvE game mode will be released, the developer mentioned that The first co-op PvE will be packed together with the "next big update", and it will be based with one story mission for the beginning.

The recording session is in Russian, but fans of Stalker might recognize the voice actor.

Survarium is a free-to-play online First Person Shooter set on Earth in the near future after the global natural disaster completely ravaged the planet. You might want to check out the PvP which is in Beta for quite a while and get more info at the official site.

Survarium - Recording Session

survarium special41

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