Survarium's latest update comes with dedicated servers for North America

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fear online logoVostok Games released the latest update for free-to-play FPS Survarium: version 0.29 is now live along with servers for players based in North America. The update includes London as a new location and many other improvements:  

survarium update 029 

New Location – London
London differs from other Survarium locations both visually and gameplay wise. Tight corridors of the buildings are ideal for characters armed with shotguns or submachine guns. On the other hand, wide streets allow snipers to score quite a few frags. In the center of the area there is an office building serving as a perfect outpost. The team that takes over it will control the most part of the map.

Server Select and Faster Matchmaking
Now you can choose game server location at any time right from the game. Next to each server (RU, EU, US) you can see your ping to each server and a number of players looking for match queue on each server. We have also improved Matchmaking system so you can find a suitable match faster.

Improved Graphics
We made a number of changes to the lighting of objects and vegetation rendering. By reducing the contrast we hope the image will be less tiring on the eyes. Moreover, these improvements will increase framerate on some maps. We keep in mind performance issues on some PC configurations and continue to work on solving the problem.

Balance Changes and New Weapons
We changed damage calculation and equipment parameters to solve two problems. First of all, now high-level automatic weapons do not kill characters almost instantly. Secondly, low level weapons now inflict more damage against characters in top-tier body armor. High-level gear still offers the best performance though. We have also introduced five new weapons: submachine guns FN P90 and the KRISS Vector, assault rifles MSBS Radon, Valmet Rk.62 and vz. 58 P.

Achievements are personal players’ goals and grant performance awards. Most achievements give achievement points which allow you to compare your progress with that of other players. Some achievements reward the character with new items, for example camouflage and equipment. At the moment more than a hundred different achievements are available. If you have fulfilled the criteria of certain achievements already, you will get them as soon as you log into the game!

Workshop and Item Upgrades
Workshop window is available right from the main menu and allows you to upgrade weapons, modify equipment stats and appearance! We have also changed the concept of donor item. From now on you only need a certain number of parts to improve an item. Parts can be obtained as battle trophies or salvaged by disassembling equipment you don’t need. These parts are universal and can be used to upgrade any item!

Changes to Leagues and New Rewards
You will now reach a League that best matches your skills faster. To do that you simply need to play a few qualifying matches. In addition, we have improved rewards for ranked matches. When entering a League for the first time, you will gain a reward containing several items. The quantity and quality of the items depends on the League. Upon qualifying for a high-tier League you will also receive rewards for all the previous Leagues!

Killcam (can be disabled in the game options menu)
Many players don't understand how exactly their character was killed, and that might be quite frustrating. Killcam lets you see who and how killed your character. One of the drawbacks is that the position of the killer is revealed. This forces the players to move, which is especially inconvenient for snipers. We are minimizing this effect by doing the following. The camera doesn't show the enemy's actions after the kill, but the killer is shown from a third person perspective.

New Sound Effects
Now weapon sounds are fully consistent with the environment in which the shot is fired. Thus, determining where the shootout is going on and the distance to it will be much easier. The effects of the environment in which the shot is made are completely unique for each location. We have also added weather sounds: you will hear howling wind, rain drops and other environmental effects.

New Battle Statistics Screen
The screen with the match results now allows you to do more! Not only can you see the battle statistics, but also speak with the players in battle chat and take a look at their characters. The previous version of aftermatch statistics screen is available when viewing extended information about the battle from the lobby.

Check out full details of the ongoing Survarium Beta at the official sites or the new Steam game page!








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