Survarium gets a launch date on Steam

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fear online logoVostok Games' free-to-play shooter Survarium will be available on Steam, from April 2nd onwards Celebrating the Steam launch, the publisher offers three "very unique" and Steam-exclusive starter packs for a limited time.

In addition to this, Survarium will also be playable on dedicated servers for North American gamers. 

Survarium is set in a near-future, post-apocalyptic Earth, which has been struck by an ecological catastrophe, leaving few survivors who struggle in their fight for limited resources. As there is no government, the survivors band together in four factions, the Scavengers, Black Market, The Renaissance Army and The Fringe Settlers. The factions pursue a different style of living, have different clothes, weapons and equipment and distinctive special abilities. Players can choose to play one of three PvP game modes. While the PvE and the Coop mode are in development, Vostok Games conducted extended Beta testing for the PvP modes, which entered into Open Beta status in Russia in summer 2014.

Check out full details of the ongoing Survarium Beta at the official sites or the new Steam game page!









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