Vostok Games announced European Open Beta for Survarium

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fear online logoVostok Games' post-apocalypse-themed shooter Survarium gets an Open Beta launch date for Europe. From January 5th, 2015 onwards, gamers in Europe will be able to play with less latency and with multi-language support on dedicated servers. 

While the PvE content, playable in the 'Freeplay' and 'Co-op' game modes, is still in development, developer Vostok Games had decided to make the PvP content of Survarium available to public.Survarium is in currently in Beta, with servers located in Russia and in Poland. 

The Open Beta version for Europe will feature variations of the existing PvP modes and some performance updates, which are yet to be revealed. 

Vostok Games is working on the highly anticipated PvE content, in which players can roam freely through the devastated lands that are plagued by mysterious anomalies and experience more RPG-like game features in Survarium, an FPS that the developer itself categorizes as MMOFPS.

The client will be localized to English, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and German. 

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