Survarium Beta (v0.26) progresses with new content and improvements

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fear online logoThe long-running Beta for the free-to-play MMOFPS Survarium progresses with the latest update (v0.26) which includes new additions and improvements: a new play mode, skilltrees, weapons, UI changes and more. This applies for the PvP mode, the full game might be launched later next year.

Vostok Games has added two variants for the Team Deathmatch game modes, the teams have got a certain number of points that decreases with each death and limits the number of respawns.

The character skilltree system has been also updated, players can unlock the skills needed to develop your character with the development branch. 

New weapons extend the roster, the Fringe Settlement arsenal has been broadened with the PP-2000, a 9mm caliber, a sniper rifle and the ASh-12, an assault rifle, whereas the Renaissance Army have now access to the SVD sniper rifle, the AK-12 Kalashnikov SMG and the SOCOM 16 rifle. 

So, there is some new stuff to be checked out. Vostok Games is working for the PvE modes to complete a full version of Survarium, which they call an MMOFPS, as there might be some 'MMO' aspects coming in the 'Free Modes'.      

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