Open Beta of Survarium attracts over 120,000 Russian players in the first week

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Survarium MMOFPSThe team at Vostok Games enjoyed a successful start of the Open Beta for the FPS Survarium.  During the first week more than 120,000 gamers logged in and tested the PvP game modes. The Beta kicked off on June 30th and is limited to players based in Russia only.

For Vostok Games their free-to-play shooter Survarium reached a milestone after 2.5 years of development. A lot of game elements went through many changes and modifications throughout the Alpha and the Closed Beta. 

In the recently released developer's diary the guys at Vostok talk about future plans and how important they consider player's feedback on the game. 

The Open Beta includes only the PvP game modes, a release date for the full launch with the PvE missions has not been announced yet. 

Vostok Games is in negotiations with publishers for the international Survarium (PvP) OBT.

Survarium is an FPS, set in a post-apocalyptic world that has been struck by an ecological catastrophe which is the origin for anomalies and hostile creatures.

Survarium - Developer Diary No. 8


Head over to the official site and find out more details about the ongoing Beta.







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