Vostok Games Kicks off Closed Beta Testing for the MMOFPS Survarium

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Survarium MMOFPSThe Closed Beta testing for upcoming MMOFPS Survarium has begun. Invites are sent through a "Closed Beta Lottery", every 20 minutes the system picks a winner.

The Closed Beta Testing for Survarium seems to be very limited, as Vostok Games decided to chose participants through the lottery system. You can raise your chances, if you are active in the game forums and communities. Winners are listed up here

The first Closed Beta test allows participants to test the PvP game modes of Survarium only:

"At the moment we have five locations available to the players: Rudnya, School, Radar Station, Chemical Plant and Tarakanovsky Fort. You will be faced with anomalies, two factions: Scavengers and Black Market, a large number of diverse weapons and equipment, a ranking system and much more..."

Survarium - Developer Diary #7

Survarium is set in the near future. Players immerse into a world that has been devastated through a "green apocalypse". In 12 months nine-tenths of mankind perishes the world over. Cities are destroyed and being captured by the forest. Handfuls of survivors try seeking out safe areas. You are one of them. There are no more countries or borders. Anarchy rules the world. Now everyone is out for themselves.

Head over to the official site and find out more about the ongoing CBT!

survarium screenshot 3 

survarium screenshot 3 

survarium screenshot 3 



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