Developer Diary #7: Closed Beta for Upcoming MMOFPS Survarium Could Start End of November

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Survarium MMOFPSVostok Games revealed in its 7th video diary that the Closed Beta for free-to-play MMOFPS Survarium could be starting by end of November 2013. The developer plans to give beta key codes both on their website and on other gaming portals. More Alpha gameplay footage, two new locations and the latest developments of Survarium can be seen in this video.

The diary includes two new locations, Tarakanovsky Fort and Mamayev Kurgan, the current build status of the game and Vostok Games' plans going forward for the next few months.

Survarium - Developer Diary #7

Survarium is set in the near future. Players immerse into a world that has been devastated through a "green apocalypse". In 12 months nine-tenths of mankind perishes the world over. Cities are destroyed and being captured by the forest. Handfuls of survivors try seeking out safe areas. You are one of them. There are no more countries or borders. Anarchy rules the world. Now everyone is out for themselves.

Survarium is set to enter Closed Beta by end of 2013. Head over to the official site and register for free!

survarium screenshot 3 

survarium screenshot 3 

survarium screenshot 3 



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Survarium Developer's Diary #7 -

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