Hybrid Shooter Viper Circle Korean Closed Beta Test Announced

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viper circle_logo Neowiz Games announced the first closed beta test for upcoming free-to-play hybrid shooter Viper Circle. Korean gamers can apply for beta testing on The first test is scheduled for March 28 and ends after 5 days. A first gameplay video has been released, check it out:

Viper Circle

The first gameplay video reveals that Viper Circle is a hybrid shooter, players can switch from FPS to TPS perspective. Viper Circle is class-based, the video introduces the classes Spec Ops, Ranger,  Heavy Arms and Sharp Shooter.

Viper Circle is set in near future scenario. In the fight for limited natural resources gigantic conglomerates form so-called "Superstates" and hire mercenaries who carry out missions. "These missions are compared to how a viper hunts their prey by infiltrating their victims hideouts and injecting venom into their hearts, so the mercenary group is called Viper Circle."

More than 30 mercenaries character classes will be available and offer full customization options.

Neowiz Games has put up a teaser site which offers also first details in English, Korean and Chinese, indicating that the Viper Circle is set to enter Western markets after a launch in Korea.

Viper Circle - Beta Gameplay Trailer

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