Neowiz Games Announces New Shooter Viper Circle

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viper circle_logo Korea-based MMOG publisher and developer Neowiz Games announces Viper Circle, an upcoming free-to-play online shooter.

Viper Circle

Viper Circle is being developed by Neowiz Games' subsidiary NS Studio and slated for launch in the last quarter of 2013. The shooter utilizes the Unreal Engine 3 and production is overseen by Park Bohyun, a producer who was responsible for development of the free-to-play FPS Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) at Red Duck.

Viper Circle is set in near future scenario. In the fight for limited natural resources gigantic conglomerates form so-called "Superstates" and hire mercenaries who carry out missions. "These missions are compared to how a viper hunts their prey by infiltrating their victims hideouts and injecting venom into their hearts, so the mercenary group is called Viper Circle."

More than 30 mercenaries character classes will be available and offer full customization options.

Neowiz Games has put up a teaser site which offers also first details in English, Korean and Chinese, indicating that the Viper Circle is set to enter Western markets after a launch in Korea.

It is not clear whether Viper Circle is an FPS or a TPS at this stage.

Viper Circle - Free Shooter

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