Black Squad adds Asia server / features a new giveaway

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Survarium MMOFPSTogether with Neowiz Games we are throwing this giveaway: a limited batch of keys for our readers who love playing f2p military FPS Black Squad and the keys will grant you a sweet premium R5 Dark Tide rifle! Also, Black Squad gets Asia server.

With the latest September patch, Black Squad adds a dedicated server for games based in Asia, the forth regional server next to Europe, North America and South America. The update also offers new weapons and premium items as listed up in the official blog

So far, the shooter enjoys a successfull Beta on Steam, with the community generally praising Black Squad for running smoothly even on lower specs PCs and rating it as not "pay-2-win".

The UE3-powered shooter convinces with solid gameplay and features that may be found in many other f2p FPS games, but adds extra goodies such as powerful Exo Suites, special combat skills and frenetic action in heated 32-vs-32 matches. Black Squad has been concepted to be both easily accessible for beginners and challenging for competitive FPS veterans and is a solid, classic shooter in the military genre.

Find out more at the official sites, or head over to Steam to download the client instantly, or first watch the crazy gameplay from a Korean gamer who obviously enjoys operating his R5 Dark Tide rifle - Together with Neowiz Games we are featuring a new, small giveaway for Black Squad here.


Black Squad R5 Dark Tide - Crazy Korean Gameplay


0 #4 BS.Fuzionz 2018-07-27 10:21
i love black squad , give me 1 code
0 #3 Anime4Ever 2017-09-19 12:12
+1 #2 astroboy 2017-09-19 03:19
hola queria hacer una consulta podrian revisar bien las snipers no son muy creibles al momento de los disparos o sea pegan muchisimas mentiras y hay mucha gente que se quejan otra cosa al rival les disparas hasta dos cargadores y no mueren hay muchos hacks wallhacks o chiteros es una lastima que un excelente juego tengan estos problemas x favor les pido que revisen estos tips que les nombre atte:astroboy
0 #1 Daniel00 2017-09-18 11:41
4.5! Please gift me one key too, I love this game

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