Kreon celebrates spectacular launch of Black Squad in Indonesia

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Survarium MMOFPSThe free-to-play military shooter Black Squad has seen a great start in Indonesia. Kreon celebrates a whopping amount of 500,000 new users that registered for the game in just 10 days after the official launch on June 19th.  

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Black Squad had drawn a lot of interest in Indonesia during the Closed Beta testing in June and recorded 20,000 PCU (peak concurrent users). Even by today, the numbers of new registrations is steadily increasing and more than 100,000 gamers populate the servers each day. A lot of Point Blank gamers might have been testing Black Squad. 

The UE3-powered shooter convinces with solid gameplay and features that may be found in many other f2p FPS games, but adds extra goodies such as powerful Exo Suites, special combat skills and frenetic action in heated 32-vs-32 matches. Black Squad has been concepted to be both easily accessible for beginners and challenging for competitive FPS veterans.

Black Squad enjoys also a solid popularity in Korea, where it has been launched first, receiving many content updates and maintaining a loyal community. The FPS has been confirmed for Brazil and Thailand.

Black Squad was developed by NS Studio and is being published by Neowiz Games who sub-licenses the title to other local publishers. 

Stay tuned for more news or head over to the official sites

Black Squad - Official Launch Trailer (ID)




0 #4 HCarteR 2015-07-14 12:46
OMG this EU suck have bad fps games and bad mmorpg games
+1 #3 Jay_FPSReport 2015-07-07 11:48
Black Squad is not available yet in Europe or North America. Stay tuned for updates!
+1 #2 waller2009 2015-07-04 06:21
Quoting HCarteR:
i am from french ... i can change ip and play this game?

follow-up on this one .. is this game exclusive to Indonesia ? coz i can't access the official site ..

thx for the feedback .. :DD
0 #1 HCarteR 2015-07-03 18:19
i am from french ... i can change ip and play this game?

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