Kreon strikes deal, will launch Black Squad in Indonesia, but might lose Point Blank

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Survarium MMOFPSIt is official by now. The free-to-play military shooter Black Squad will be operated by PT. Kreon in Indonesia, as they teamed up with developer NS Studio to prep the launch for the FPS later this year. 

Black Squad saw a solid launch in Korea back in November 2014. 

The UE3-powered shooter convinces with solid gameplay and features that may be found in many other f2p FPS games, but adds extra goodies such as powerful Exo Suites, special combat skills and frenetic action in heated 32-vs-32 matches. Black Squad has been concepted to be both easily accessible for beginners and challenging for competitive FPS veterans.

In the past eight years publisher Kreon has evolved to be one of the major players in the MMO market in Indonesia, running titles such as Lost Saga, Dragon Nest and Point Blank. The license for Point Blank might be not renewed, the FPS might be operated by Garena in the next future (which is not confirmed by now), and Black Squad is supposed to fill this gap within Kreon's game portfolio.

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Black Squad - Capture the flag - Gameplay


Black Squad - Gameplay


Black Squad - Sniper Gameplay





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