Black Squad poised to launch on November 12 in Korea

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Survarium MMOFPSNo need for another beta: Shortly after having conducted a Closed Beta Test, Korean publisher Neowiz Games is ready to kick off the full launch for what it believes to be the next generation of FPS: Black Squad will open its servers on November 12 in Korea.

Black Squad features diverse PvP game modes, a large-scale-PvP mode, a skill system and Unreal Engine 3-enhanced graphics and effects. The military shooter promises to deliver fast-paced, realistic gameplay. 

During the first Black Squad Closed Beta gamers spent an average of 110 minutes playtime and did return after the first session at a rate of 60%, which makes Neowiz Games and developer NS Studio confident that the FPS has reached the final stage for a solid launch.

In addition to all common f2p FPS features, Black Squad let players experience extra skills in combat by using powerful Exo Suites or by setting up portable automated weapons. 

If the outcome of the launch - especially the first critical three months -  meets Neowiz' expectations, Black Squad might be released in other countries even in 2015, so stay tuned to the official sites list and more updates to follow.

Black Squad - Official Trailer





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