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Survarium MMOFPSThe latest trailer for the upcoming FPS Black Squad depicts weapon features. The shooter is set to enter Closed Beta on August 26th in Korea.

Black Squad offers players to choose between character classes of the factions "Peacemaker" and "Viper Circle". Next to a map fly-through, revealing a variety of locations which are rather large, such as a dam, industrial complexes, urban warzones, aircraft carrier, the trailer showcases the many weapon features in this order:

  • customizable weapon system: telecopic sights
  • rather moderate recoil
  • laser sights, great for aiming and to be discovered faster by your opponent :)
  • attachable grenade launcher
  • gun silencer
  • designated marksman rifle with sided optical sights
  • many other modern primary and secondary weapons, incl. anti aircraft weapons

The first Closed Beta testing is set for five days. Korean gamers can apply at the offcial site.


Black Squad - Features Trailer









+4 #2 DeRock 2014-08-23 13:03
Will that FPS come to Europe ?
+1 #1 BlackBirdRUS 2014-08-23 07:41
Delightfully cool!! Ballistics chic.

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