Neowiz Games released first official trailer for forthcoming Beta of the FPS Black Squad

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Survarium MMOFPSKorean publisher Neowiz Games teases the upcoming Beta launch of the new f2p FPS Black Squad with this gameplay trailer. The shooter is set to enter Closed Beta later this summer in Korea. 

Black Squad is the latest project of NS Studio, a former subsidiary company of Neowiz Games. The shooter was previously titled as Viper Circle and went through a massive overhaul and complete change of concept last year.

After watching this trailer I was fairly unimpressed, and I am not sure if this was one of the smartest promotional activities to release a 42-seconds long sniper montage as a first official game trailer. The video reveals mediocre graphics, but fast-paced and skill-based gameplay. Some of you might categorize this game as just 'another generic military shooter'.

Overall, is this game made to dethrone all those f2p military shooters that enjoy still much popularity in Asia, incl. Cross Fire, Sudden Attack, Special Force, A.V.A, etc.? 

As there are no further details available, except that Black Squad features classic f2p PvP game modes and a large-scale-PvP mode, we have to wait for the upcoming Beta, and maybe Black Squad proves to be an FPS with great qualities.

While the shooter is set to launch in Korea first, it might be released in Western markets by 2015, if not later.


Black Squad - Official Sniper Gameplay Trailer









0 #5 TwistedBomberZ 2014-07-19 16:35
0 #4 Nwyrve 2014-07-16 09:34
Well, you are right.But, I tried and looking forward for Dirty Bomb,however,to me it is far away from an fps,it's more like a "SMITE" but with modern skin, and thats not good.I didn't mentioned SF2,cause its hit registry is far worse than the one in Warface.To be honest,to me it seems that there's no such thing as aim,you just need to hold left click.With full respect, the game for me, is yet the worst from every fps.About CrossFire2, Sudden Attack 2 and Operation7 II,we will see.I didn't played the first versions,but i saw the SA2 and the Op7 II trailer, and they looked stupid,but as i said, we will see. Sorry for being so negative,maybe my expectations are too high,but i really couldn't enjoy these "nowadays" fps games for more than a few days,and i didn't had such a problems with the games i mentioned.I played those games from start to the end.Also,can you please, link me something about that Iron Sight? I couldn't find anything about it. :) Is Iron Sight the new name of IOB?:)
+1 #3 Jay_FPSReport 2014-07-16 04:26
Quoting Nwyrve:
Generic or not, I need a good fps.I had big expectations for 2014, and I am not impressed. After the merge at AvA, the closure of Battery/Bullet Run, i didn't met any "arcade" style fps. ... :)

For the competitive FPS gamer there will be many more 'generic' but skill-based shooters in 2015: Dirty Bomb, Iron Sight, Sudden Attack 2, Cross Fire 2, Operation 7 II, Metro Conflict... but you haven't mentioned Soldier Front 2/ Special Force 2
0 #2 Nwyrve 2014-07-15 09:13
Generic or not, I need a good fps.I had big expectations for 2014, and I am not impressed. After the merge at AvA, the closure of Battery/Bullet Run, i didn't met any "arcade" style fps. PS2 is nonbeginner friendly, and i realized that i am bad in open world fps games.BLR is a pain after lvl10, where you forced to play against lvl50's, with unlocked and bought every good armor,HRV and weapons.GRP is simple seems too unbalanced. Warface could be do good, if i didn't mention the character movement or the "grindyness", but the servers. Even if the servers are good enough, cuz it is for me, there are so many laggers that you will rage sooner or later. I met only one game with that many laggers in District, and i uninstalled it after a few days. So, i need these generic fps, cause they can be really good. I am looking forward for this game and MetroConflict. Thank you for sharing these news about fps games. And thanks for the giveaways too, they are awesome from time to time! :)
0 #1 DemonikD 2014-07-15 08:00
animation like a game Blackshot

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