NS Studio Announced All-New FPS Viper Circle

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viper circle logoSouth Korean Developer NS Studio announced an all-new version of the free-to-play FPS Viper Circle. NS Studio concluded a first closed beta test in Korea earlier this year and listened to their players. They changed almost everything except the game title. 

Viper Circle entered the first closed beta test as a hybrid shooter, players could switch from FPS to TPS perspective. Viper Circle was a class-based sci-fi shooter, featuring mercenary classes Spec Ops, Ranger, Heavy Arms and Sharp Shooter.

NS Studio changed pretty much everything and worked on a complete overhaul of the original game. In the past months the developers optimized the graphics, squeezing out the most of the Unreal Engine 3. In addition to the technical changes Viper Circle is now a pure FPS game and got rid of the TPS (Third Person Shooter) perspective. Conceptwise the shooter will be military-themed and the studio is confident that it can compete against all other f2p FPS of the same genre. 

NS Studio announced also that they will launch a second closed beta test in the next half of 2014 and are pushing forward to bring the FPS to Asian and Western markets. The studio, who got separated from its publisher Neowiz Games, is also working on major changes of the TPS DIZZEL, which is supposed to be launched in Western markets by OGPlanet and Asia by other licensees. 

viper circle special02

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+2 #1 Aeon 2013-11-08 16:00
The game did look pretty stupid in TPS, can't wait to see the new version in Europe!

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