Black Squad adds Asia server / features a new giveaway

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Survarium MMOFPSTogether with Neowiz Games we are throwing this giveaway: a limited batch of keys for our readers who love playing f2p military FPS Black Squad and the keys will grant you a sweet premium R5 Dark Tide rifle! Also, Black Squad gets Asia server.

Free-to-play military FPS Black Squad to roll out Closed Beta on Steam in July

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Survarium MMOFPSA lot of you guys been waiting for this: free-to-play military FPS Black Squad will enter a first international Closed Beta Test on Steam. The CBT will start in July and Beta keys will be distributed in June.

Kreon celebrates spectacular launch of Black Squad in Indonesia

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Survarium MMOFPSThe free-to-play military shooter Black Squad has seen a great start in Indonesia. Kreon celebrates a whopping amount of 500,000 new users that registered for the game in just 10 days after the official launch on June 19th.  

Kreon strikes deal, will launch Black Squad in Indonesia, but might lose Point Blank

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Survarium MMOFPSIt is official by now. The free-to-play military shooter Black Squad will be operated by PT. Kreon in Indonesia, as they teamed up with developer NS Studio to prep the launch for the FPS later this year. 

Free-to-play FPS Black Squad comes to Brazil, Playspot secures publishing rights

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Survarium MMOFPSGood news for FPS gamers in Brazil, developer NS Studio just announced that it teamed up with Brazilian MMO publisher Playspot to work on a release for the military FPS Black Squad in this market, which is the most largest for online games in South America. 

Black Squad unleashed in Korea, turns out to be a solid start

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Survarium MMOFPSMission accomplished. The team at Neowiz Games did solid work, rolled out all marketing activities and made sure that its latest FPS addition kicks off without any technical problems. Two days after the launch, the servers for Black Squad are full, but how is the general feedback?

Black Squad poised to launch on November 12 in Korea

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Survarium MMOFPSNo need for another beta: Shortly after having conducted a Closed Beta Test, Korean publisher Neowiz Games is ready to kick off the full launch for what it believes to be the next generation of FPS: Black Squad will open its servers on November 12 in Korea.

Black Squad teaser site is up, releases new gameplay trailer

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Survarium MMOFPSTeaser site and signups are live for Korean gamers who want to apply for the first Beta testing of Neowiz Games' latest f2p FPS Black Squad. And they also released a new and gory gameplay trailer.

Neowiz Games released first official trailer for forthcoming Beta of the FPS Black Squad

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Survarium MMOFPSKorean publisher Neowiz Games teases the upcoming Beta launch of the new f2p FPS Black Squad with this gameplay trailer. The shooter is set to enter Closed Beta later this summer in Korea. 

NS Studio Announced All-New FPS Viper Circle

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viper circle logoSouth Korean Developer NS Studio announced an all-new version of the free-to-play FPS Viper Circle. NS Studio concluded a first closed beta test in Korea earlier this year and listened to their players. They changed almost everything except the game title. 

Hybrid Shooter Viper Circle Korean Closed Beta Test Announced

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viper circle_logo Neowiz Games announced the first closed beta test for upcoming free-to-play hybrid shooter Viper Circle. Korean gamers can apply for beta testing on The first test is scheduled for March 28 and ends after 5 days. A first gameplay video has been released, check it out: