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Freefall TournamentDeveloper Free Range Games teamed up with Amazon and Raptr for a giveaway that grants you a free class in free-to-play TPS FreeFall Tournament. 

FreeFall Tournament is a free-to-play TPS and comes from indie games development studio Free Range Games. It offers fast-paced action gameplay in a vibrant and futuristic scenario and it is fully playable on any browser.

FreeFall Tournament

Players can assemble teams from distinct classes of futuristic combatants (including long-range Gunners, Hammer-wielding Tanks, fast moving Scouts, strategic Techs, flame throwing Blazers, rocket-launching Blasters, stealthy Assassins, and electric Shockers) for exciting 10-20 minute battles. Each hero has unique weapons, bombs, and special abilities that help him contribute to the team. Jetpack through low gravity arenas with your chosen class and lock-on target to destroy your opponents.

More key features:

  • Browser based Space Marines TPS, with fast-paced aerial combats, futuristic setting
  • 3 maps and 8 classes in current beta, more in development
  • Next-gen graphics require the Unity Web Player plugin
  • Blue and Gold teams compete to win control point and death matches
  • XP and Cash rewards for completing matches is used to rank up and purchase new characters
  • Free-to-play, not pay-to-win

Head over to the official site for more info and get playing. Don't miss out on the giveaway and visit the event page on Amazon that offers you a free Mystery Class or join gaming community Raptr for any one class free up for grabs!

FreeFall Tournament - Official Beta Trailer

FreeFall Tournament

FreeFall Tournament