'Rogue en Vogue' update extends Merc roster and kicks off five week in-game event for Dirty Bomb

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Dirty Bomb - LogoDirty Bomb got just its 'biggest update of the year so far' with 'Rogue en Vogue', deploying new Merc Aimee, and a player-driven in-game event with lots of Loadout Cards and more for a period of five weeks. 

During that time, players help Aimee hack into the MercSERV database to uncover who assassinated her client, Max Bashki. In the process, players get to unlock exclusive Trinkets and Limited Edition Loadout Cards. Each week, four Mercs are designated as Suspects and put into free rotation for all players to access. The Merc most taken in Squads will be listed as a ‘Prime Suspect’. In the fifth week, all four Prime Suspects will be placed into the final rotation, after which the most-taken Merc in Squads will be revealed as the Culprit.

Rogue en Vogue introduces a limited-time event currency called Decryption Cycles which can be used to unlock various items including the Culprit Case. This case can be opened once the event is over and contains a Limited edition skin and more.

Players can now choose between 19 unique Mercs in Dirty Bomb. What are you waiting for? Check the free-to-play shooter out and play it for free at the official sites.

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