Latest update for Dirty Bomb adds with Redeye a cool new Merc

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Dirty Bomb - LogoTeam-based shooter Dirty Bomb extends its roster of Mercs: with Redeye comes a mid to long-range specialist with extra abilities, a perfect foil to the invisible Phantom. The latest patch also includes some minor bug fixes.

dirty bomb special15

Redeye's background is based on a lengthy service in the Australian SAS. In the past Redeye developed special skills with the Smoke Grenade, a pretty toy to block the enemy's vision, and with the IR Goggles which helps spotting Mercs and the invisible Phantom through the display of the HUD. 

Redeye doesn't come naked, he carries a Grandeur SR and the melee weapon Kukri.

Check it out, get into action and download it for free at the official sites.

Dirty Bomb - Redeye – Merc Role-Call







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