Free-to-play FPS Dirty Bomb will be launched on in Latin America

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Dirty Bomb - LogoDirty Bomb's Closed Beta for Latin America is due. Developer Splash Damage has teamed up with MMO publisher Latin Interactive Network who will operate the game on its platform. 

Dirty Bomb promisses tactical and fast-paced FPS gameplay. Players can choose between many different class-based characters, each with distinctive playing styles and abilities. The game takes place in London and is set in a post-apocalyptic scenario, players can pit against each other in various classic, multiplayer FPS game modes and unique maps. 

The FPS will be published under the title Extraction by Nexon America for North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. A first Closed Beta test was concluded in October 2013. 

I believe that Extraction might enter the next beta testing phase in the next weeks.

Stay tuned for updates and find further info for Dirty Bomb at the the official site.

Dirty Bomb - Official Trailer

extraction cap03

extraction cap03

extraction cap03

extraction cap03



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