Halloween Events for Guns and Robots Might Include some Giveaways

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GUNS and ROBOTSGuns and Robots fans should get playing from this Wednesday, October 30th through Monday, November 4th, as they will be able to win spooky presents and experience the fun of smashing pumpkins and hunt down enemies.

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Each smashed Halloween Pumpkin allows players to collect exclusive masks.

In addition to the in-game events, free accessories will be released on the Official Facebook Page.

Experience the thrill and join the battle now for free at the official site.

GUNS and ROBOTS is engaging free online shooter with inventive character design and an endless list of customization features. The game combines fun art with almost unlimited game play. The characters are able to move freely all over the maps, engage in battles, climb up the rankings and unlock various achievements. They will be able to choose their equipment from variety of weapons and over 150 different parts. The incredible battle mechanics combined with funny looking robots adds a whole new perspective to the genre.

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