Major Updates Reinforce the Robots' Playground of the Free-to-Play Shooter Guns and Robots

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GUNS and ROBOTSMasthead Studios releases several major updates and re-balances their free-to-play online shooter Guns and Robots. The updates change the matchmaking system and employ global re-balance of the durability, energy consumption, speed and damage of the parts. This global re-balance tweaks and improves weapons and gives players more fast-paced battles.

Major Updates in Matchmaking
There is an improved and modified matchmaking system. Players of a similar skill level are matched together for more balanced team setup. This gives players opportunity to explore and engage over the arenas on an equal footing. This also gives more freedom to improve and employ different game-play style for each player and many new options to choose from.

Global Re-balance
The re-balance gives different look and sensitivity of the overall battle mechanics. Many of the components are changed. Thus, there is a clear boundary between the three major classes of the parts—light, medium and heavy. Some content changes are coming as well.

Guns and Robots mini game
Guns and Robots mini game presents players with opportunity to enjoy a game within the game while waiting in the queue. Players are able to heat up their engines before the match has begun with shooting at space visitors.

Detailed information about the updates can be found at the official site.

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GUNS and ROBOTS is a free-to-play online shooter in which players assemble funny looking, yet deadly robots. The game blends fun, inventive character design and deep customization features. Players are provided with exciting situations during variety of maps. The incredible battle mechanics combined with funny looking robots add a whole new perspective to the genre.


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