Latest update for Loadout allows private matches, also: the shooter is announced for PlayStation 4 release

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loadout logoEdge of Reality announced that free-to-play TPS Loadout will be soon available on the PlayStation Store. And the latest update for PC adds private matches and more, players can invite their friends to create the "throwdown of the century".

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Update 4.0 allows players to challenge their friends in two to eight player private matches. And if you don't have any friends, test your skills against some bots. The update also includes the vertical Comm Tower map. The matchmaking system has been improved too. 

Loadout's comic violence, frenetic multi-player gameplay and the deep customization will come to PlayStation Store as free-to-play downloadable game. 

The Steam client of Loadout has been downloaded by over 3 million players in the past 5 months.

Check out further details at the official site.

Loadout - Coming to PlayStation 4




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