WARFRAME Closed Beta Key Up For Grabs!

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Warframe - F2p TPSWe've received Closed Beta Keys for upcoming sci-fi shooter WARFRAME from Digital Extremes and are extremely pleased to present you this giveaway. That shooter looks great. What are you waiting for? Grab your Beta Key and get playing!

WARFRAME - Tenno - F2p TPS

Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Digital Extremes, the co-creators of the Unreal franchise, Unreal Tournament series and Unreal Championship, Bioshock 2 and Star Trek, is set to launch their free-to-play project WARFRAME, a sci-fi themed TPS (Third Person Shooter) and we invite you to check it out and get hands-on experience in the Closed Beta! So don't miss out on this and claim your Closed Beta key now, get playing and provide the developers with your valuable feedback! 

Developed on Digital Extremes' Evolution Engine™, Warframe is pushing AAA-quality gaming into the Free-to-play PC market with minimum PC specs requiring Windows XP SP3, 2GB RAM, and a SM 3.0 video card. The Closed Beta is available to everyone - there is no IP block. What are you waiting for? Enjoy the Beta!

Head over to the event page and claim your key that grants you access to the Closed Beta of WARFRAME!

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