Warframe adds soon more competitiveness, new PvP mode Lunaro is coming

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warframe logoDigital Extremes announced a new PvP mode for its popular shooter Warframe: with upcoming "Lunaro" space ninjas need all their skill, teamwork and creativity for victory and honor. 

Lunaro is a team sport challenge, played by 4-vs-4 teams and can be accessed through the Conclave. Sun or Moon team must defend their goal while doing their best to score by shooting the ball or Lunaro through the opponents' goal. 

The update is scheduled to be released as download for PC, PS4 and Xbox One this week and the first of three more content expansions, that are scheduled to be launched in June and July, culminating with "the next incredible cinematic quest experience, The War Within".

Check it out at the official site!

Warframe - Lunaro Update Trailer








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