Largest update for Warframe brings cinematic quest, new content and reveals a secret

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warframe logoSpace Ninjas can enjoy the largest update yet for free-to-play sci-fi-shooter  Warframe: The Second Dream introduces a cinematic-driven quest "that will ultimately answer the question for many players - better known as Tenno - have been asking for nearly three years: What is a Warframe?".

Not everyone is eligible to enter the first cinematic quest. New players need to complete several previous quests before attempting The Second Dream, a cinematic-driven mission to destroy the Tenno by exploiting a long forgotten secret as the Stalker.

Next to this challenging quest, the largest update for Warframe, unleashes Ivara, a new Archer Warframe with a strong set of special, tactical arrows and a new PvP map, located on the Orokin Moonbase.

The update is live for PC, The Second Dream will reach PlayStation 4 and Xbox One before the end of the year and you find all details at the official site!

Warframe - The Second Dream - Cinematic Intro


warframe cap1c

warframe cap1c

warframe cap1c






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