New content arrived in Warframe with the Echoes of the Sentient update

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warframe logoFree-to-play action shooter Warframe offers plenty of new stuff to be checked out. New gameplay, environments and customization arrived with the most recent Echoes of the Sentient update.

Equinox, a new Warframe has been added to the space ninja roster. Also, a new boss battle with Tyl Regor and new quests came with the patch. Players can also immerse into the new depths of the Uranus oceans and challenge deadlier Grineer enemies with the submersible Archwing mode. 

More weapons, items and customization options need to be checked out, but players should get familiar with the Warframe movement in the game, since changes include the addition of Double Jump, Bullet Jump, Wall Latch, Wall Dash and Aim Gliding.

Warframe - Echoes of Sentient Update Trailer

This and more about the new update can be found the official site!





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