Warframe's latest update - Tubemen of Regor - delivers new modes, weapons and more

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warframe logoA wealth of new gameplay, game modes, weapons, customizations and more comes with Tubemen of Regor, the latest major update (16.5) for free-to-play action shooter Warframe.

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The update also includes a new tileset and three new weapons: the Boltace, Daikyu and Atomos. Additions to PvP Conclaves include new Game Modes, in which players can work with fellow Tenno to shut down the enemy in Team Annihilation, as well as new PvP Augment Mods and four maps. 

New Trials pit players against new harder hitting enemies and new customization options include new Skins. Check out all features in this video:

Warframe - Tubemen of Regor

Head over to the official site for more details and get into some action!


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warframe capb1

warframe capb1



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