Experience intense free space combat with Warframe's Archwing update

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warframe logoDigital Extremes' free-to-play Third Person Shooter (TPS) Warframe  receives a major content update, which takes players to an entirely new world within Warframe. There is also more new stuff coming with the patch, but the coolest new feature is the space combat through Archwing technology:

Through the Archwing technology players can take skilled ninja combat into the depth of space in a new game mode, also with unique weapons and abilities. Check out cool Archwing flying action in the trailer below.

The patch for Warframe will go live on Oct. 24 and it also includes heavy new weapons, the Opticor laser cannon and the Halikar mace, two new quests and a new reputation system. But there is more: a magician-like new Warframe, new tileset, new customization options and new type of enemies that you challenge in the Archwing combat. 

Warframe - Archwing Trailer

Head over to the official site for more details and get into some action!


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