Tencent And Activision Team Up To Launch Call of Duty Online

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cod logoTencent's teaser website now reveals that they are set to launch Call of Duty Online, a modified multiplayer online version of the Call of Duty franchise for China. 

We have assumed earlier that Tencent was about to reveal a publishing deal with Activision to bring a modified Call of Duty as free-to-play online game to its Chinese users.

Activision announced earlier that they developed a modified version of Call of Duty for Asia. And they have partnered up with the biggest operator of free-to-play online games in China, Tencent, to launch a the online version of Call of Duty in Asia first. There are indications that this could be a version based on Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and it is likely that the FPS is also based on a free-to-play business model. 

There will be more news to report on this deal, so stay tuned.

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